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JohnJohn records, independent record label based in London  - established 1999, swing, jazz, 1920, 1930, 1940, 1950, latin music, reggae, ska, gypsy jazz, charleston, dance







Benoit Viellefon and His Orchestra
Benoit Viellefon & HisOrchestra
First album Available:
"mon Amour" 2014
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The Basin Street Brawlers
New album available:
"It's tight like that!" 2014
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Benoit Viellefon and His Orchestra
Benoit Viellefon Hot Club
Second album available:
"Live at the Quecumbar" 2012
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Benoit Viellefon is one of the most successful band-leaders at work on the vintage swing scene in Europe today. Born in the North of France, Benoit was brought up on both Gypsy swing and the traditional musette & polka repertoire. But it was as lead-guitarist with the ska roots band The Trojans (led by Gaz Mayall, elder son of blues legend John Mayall) that Benoit toured the world and made his name. Benoit went on to play with other Jamaican music legends such as Prince Buster, Rico Rodiguez, Vin Gordon (Studio1 & Bob Marley), Natty Bo (Ska Cubano), Louis Alphonso (Bad manners), Nick Welsh (The Selecter), Rhoda Dakar (Special AKA) and Eddie Tantan Thornton (Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Boney M, Aswad).

Having spent the late 1990s in the USA, Benoit returned to London in 1998 in order to establish his label  and to continue work as a first call session guitarist on many film soundtracks, international tours and on London's burgeoning vintage cabaret and burlesque scenes.
Returning to his swing and traditional routes, Benoit formed his Benoit Viellefon Orchestra in 2009 and it was immediately a hit on London's cabaret and vintage speak-easy scene. Since then Benoit and the orchestra have played all over the UK and Europe to critical acclaim, fulfilling Benoit's vision of a contemporary orchestra who command the dance floor like the master entertainers of the 1920s, 30s and 40s.

Benoit’s Setup:

Benoit plays mainly an old Gibson ES175, a Gallato Macaferri Grande Bouche and a 1958 Hofner Committee. All of these are put through an AER Compact 60 or AER dual mix effect box.
Benoit also ensures that the whole orchestra exclusively uses AER equipment on stage. His Guitars, trumpets, saxophones, clarinets, accordion and double bass are using AER dual mix, to take advantage of its fantastic preamp and for smaller clubs they often simply use AER compact 60s in preference to the house PA.



News Benoit Viellefon's Discography


Benoit Viellefon & His Orchestra
Benoit Viellefon & Orchestra
(Mon Amour)
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Benoit Viellefon & His Orchestra
Benoit Viellefon Hot Club
(Live at ethe Quecumbar)
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Benoit Viellefon & His OrchestraBenoit Viellefon& his orchestra
(Swing à la mode)
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2001-2002 - JohnJohn (album - JohnJohn)
The Trojans
(Smash It)
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The Princetones
The Princetones
(After the rain - Soundtrack)
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2005-2006 - Gentleman Tim & the Contenders
Gentleman Tim & Contenders
(Left hooked on the blues)
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2001-2002 - JohnJohn (album - JohnJohn)
(Debut album)
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2000 - Mogador (album - Gnawa All Stars)
(Gnawa All Star)
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Benoit Viellefon & His Orchestra
The Cordials
(Debut album)

2006-2007 - The Skamonics - Be Skared
The Skamonics
(Be skared EP)
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2006-2007 - The Skamonics - Be Skared
The Skamonics
(Hello pork pie hat)
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The Princetones
Compilation New UK Reggae
(A Kingdom United Vol 1)
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