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JohnJohn records, independent record label based in London  - established 1999


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We are sorry, but we work very hard on the music so we don't have much time for updating websites and playing with facebook, blogs etc. If you are interested in a specific artist (Benoit Viellefon & his Orchestra, Benoit Viellefon Hot Club, Gaz Mayall, The Trojans, Mogador, JohnJohn, The Princetones, Fimber Bravo & Kadialy Kouyate...) please check their pages. Alternatively you can get news straight from their myspace and facebook profiles.



Benoit Viellefon and His Orchestra

BENOIT VIELLEFON HOT CLUB "Live at the Quecumbar"

After a successful first album with Benoit Viellefon & his Orchestra's "Swing a la mode" Benoit come back with a second opussimply called "Live at the Quecumbar". This is the acoustic version of the orchestra, or Hot Club, following in the steps of Django Reinhardt, and it's HOT JAZZ recorded live in one take.

A limited deluxe edition CD is NOW AVAILABLE available exclusively at the concerts and by mail order from JohnJohn Records and

Digital downlads are available all over the world, on iTunes, Amazon and all the other major retailers.


"This album recorded Battersea's music bistro Le Quecumbar is very enjoyable"
- Songline magazine November/December 2012

"This record will effortlessly sweep you away on sonic gossamer wings to the happy, happy place of your choice" .
- Vintage Rock Magazine Autumn 2012

"Ob mit seinem Orchestra oder dem akustischen Hot Club – der in London lebende Gitarrist und Sänger Benoit Viellefon gehört zu den besten Musikern im Bereich der Swingmusik in Europa".
- Wasser-Prada (Germany) July 2012

"In many ways this is the most refreshing brand of Gypsy Jazz I’ve heard since the early days of Waso".
- Bebop Spoken Here - July 2012

"This is music with a big smile on its face that communicates directly to the audience; the resulting chemistry is something extraordinary".
- Blues in Britain August 2012

"Punctuated by swift rhythms and thundering solos, the band’s set thrives in the type of contagious jazz that is hard to stand still to".
- Erotic Review August 2012

"Transpirez sous des mélodies effrénées et laissez vous captiver par l’énergie et le talent éblouissant de Benoit Viellefon & his Orchestra".
- London Macadam August 2012



The Basin Street Brawlers
New album available:
"It's tight like that!"
CD & Downloads - BUY NOW

Benoit Viellefon and His Orchestra
Benoit Viellefon Hot Club
Second album available:
"Live at the Quecumbar"
CD & Downloads - BUY NOW

Benoit Viellefon and His Orchestra
Benoit Viellefon & Orchestra
First album Available:
"Swing à la mode"
CD & Downloads - BUY NOW

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